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6 Famous Street Food Found in Every Part of Nigeria

Street food in Nigeria

Street food in Nigeria symbolises many things, but the number one is diverse culture. Every part of Nigeria has unique street food common to its people. Don't forget Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups. Hence, it is not surprising that we have a lot of local food only found in certain places. However, there are street foods so popular in the country that you can find them in every region. 

There is something about street food that makes a place unique and exciting. Just like lights, food on the street brightens the street with liveliness. I personally look forward to street food when travelling than fine dining. And I am sure that at this table I'm not alone. Another fun thing about street food in Nigeria is that it gets people in a community to bond. Why is that so? It is so because you see a group of total strangers, friends and family sitting at an open place eating together.

Hence, let's see the street food that bonds Nigerians together all over.

6 Nigerian Food on the Streets Found Everywhere

In no particular order of which is more common or famous. Let's see the street food near you and the street food near me.

1. Akara

In the northern region, Akara is called Kose and in English, we try to call it beans cake. This street food is one o the most famous street food in Nigeria.

Whether you go to the east or west. There is always a woman frying Akara at the junction or by a portable and very strategic corner of the street. 

One thing for sure is she is never short on having waiting customers surrounding her. If you don't go on time you will arrive when the party is over. It might look like a small business but trust me those "kose women" are in good profit.

What is Akara made of?

Akara is made from beans mostly cowpea popularly known as black-eye beans. It is very easy to make and it is best served and enjoyed with pap.

2. Roasted Corn

Just as the name implies roasted corn is corn roasted eaten plainly or with coconut and pear. Even though it is seasonal food and it's mostly eaten during the rainy season. When its season comes there is no part of Nigeria where you can't find this street food.

Even though it is popular, roasted corn is not everyone's favourite. therefore, there is always a boiled corn option.
Roasted corn a street food famous in Nigeria

3. Puff puff

Puff puff is definitely a street food that is a go-to snack for any time of the day. This street food is so loved it has become everyone's favourite to the extent it is being served as small chops at weddings and events. A simple snack made with just flour, sugar and yeast is definitely one of the best street food in Nigeria. There is no area or street where you would not find a woman frying or selling puff puff.

4. Suya and Masa

A street food popularly known as a traditional food in the northern part of Nigeria has gained fame all over the country. Hence, it doesn't matter if you are in the eastern part of Nigeria. There is a "mai suya" around the corner selling suya alongside masa.

Suya is beef covered in kulikuli powdered and roasted over an opened fire. Like you are grilling it until it's done to perfection.  When you come across a well-done suya trust me you can't have enough of it.

5. Awara (Tofu)

Awara or soya beans cake or tofu is a street food enjoyed all over the country in different ways. It can be made and eaten plain, with a sauce or black beniseed(sesame). 

Awara is made from soybean a high protein plant-based crop. A perfect substitute for animal protein. The process of making it is not that simple but worth it in the end.
Awara a street food in Nigeria

6. Bole ( roasted plantain)

With the look of things, the majority of the street food in Nigeria is roasted and healthy. Trust me when I say you can be healthy if all you eat is Nigerian street food. We are not into junk or processed food which is very obvious. Roasted plantain is one of the food that gained popularity in the southwest part of the country and now everyone wants to eat roasted plantain with fish.

street food in Nigeria

Nigrian street food. Famous street food found in every part of Nigeria


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