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How To Do A "No Spend Challenge" in Nigeria

man holding naira note. Photo from My Nigerian Voice blog post how to do a no-spend challenge in Nigeria
Are there no days you wake up and wish you didn’t have to spend money? Just because you wish you could save more money and stop overspending. Or your reason could be that you are tight on cash at the moment and not having to spend will take off the financial stress for a little bit. Whatever your reasons might be for not wanting to spend money. You are on the right page because there is a solution to your problem and it comes in form of a challenge. The no-spend challenge is here to rescue you. 

What is a no-spend challenge?

A no-spend challenge is a personal finance activity where you don\t spend money within a period of time as the name implies. The idea behind this challenge is to be able to cut down expenses in other to manage your money better and be able to save money for whatever purpose.

The concept is to go for weeks or a month without spending money either on certain things or just completely no spending money. There are conditions behind this challenge that you will get to understand as we go on.

Why is it a challenge?

A challenge is typically what is out of the ordinary or normal for an individual. Hence, no-spend qualifies as a challenge in the sense that it is not normal to not spend money. As a matter of fact, our daily life revolves around using money. You need money for fuel if you have a car or you need money for transportation if you don’t have a car. 

Hence, the idea of not spending money might sound bizarre but yes it can be done. As a matter of fact, you can do and that is why it is called a challenge. You are disciplining yourself to do something out of the normal and that will definitely be challenging. 

Can anyone do a no-spend challenge?

Absolutely yes anyone can do a no-spend challenge and even have fun trying it. The reason why it is possible for everyone to do this challenge is that there are different types of no-spend challenges and how to go about it. You will learn all of them today and how to try them out.

You will see the one that fits your financial status and which can help you achieve your financial goals. A no-spend is very advantageous so I encourage you to give it a try.

Before starting the challenge

  • Know what you plan on doing with the money saved as a result of the challenge

  • Have a goal to achieve at the end of everything

  • Discipline yourself to see it through. It is a challenge so you have to be conscious and very intentional about it. 

A No-spend challenge step-by-stey guide for Nigerians

Now we understand the idea and concept of a no-spend challenge it’s about that time we see how to give it a try. These challenges will be categorised into types and how to do them.

Types of no-spend challenges and how to try them

1. Zero spend no send challenge

This type of challenge is when you spend no money completely for a period of time. It’s best you try it for at most 7 days which is a week.

The simple rules

  • Try this challenge when you just got paid but want to save more money, manage money and seriously track your expenses.

  • Budget and get your everyday basic need. Like pay your bills and buy food then start the challenge.

How to do it

    • You already have food in the house so it means you take lunch from home to avoid spending money at work. 

    • You’ve either fueled the car for the week or have kept exactly what you will spend for the week to work. What this means is that for that week no extra “waka about”. Except if it's a necessity. This is a challenge it’s not going to be very simple.

    • Eat what you already have and so no to an instant craving. Since you've already stocked the house with food this shouldn’t be a big deal. This also means eating what you have in the refrigerator. You feel like eating fish but beef is already in the fridge eat that beef.

    • Close from work and go straight back home. Going to meet up with the crew means more money spend on transport or burning extra fuel than needed. Also, you will be spending on some drinks and food. Go home make dinner and go to bed. 

    • Don’t renew the gym membership yet, keep fit by doing some workout routine from home.

    • Whatever subscription that needs renewal can wait for a while. Find new ways to entertain yourself while doing this no-spend challenge. It won’t be easy to remember but you have to see it through.

I can go on and on about how to have a zero spend but I’ll pause here because the many instances on how to go about it have been stated and I know you understand the concept. However, if you are lost and want to be clear because you are really wanting to give this challenge a try. Please leave a comment. 

2. No spend on certain things no-spend challenge

Don’t mind the name I gave it you can call it whatever you want. The idea behind this challenge is to not spend on certain things. It is that simple. 

Simple rule

  • Know exactly what you are not going to be spending on

  • This challenge can last longer than a week

  • Pick a thing that you spend a lot on that is not a need but a want which your love for it automatically made it a need. These things are usually cravings or guilty pleasures.

How to do it

This type of challenge is very simple and I know as Nigerians this might be the one everyone can try. Here is how you do it.

Once you know exactly what you know what you don’t want to spend on choose a time frame to not spend on it.

To see results do this for a long period of time. A week is too small, the least time frame should be a month. It can last for a whole year if you want it to.

Buy an asusu and save the money on daily or weekly bases. If you drink a bottle of coke every day. Save that #150 naira every day. If you have drinks with friend 3 times a week save that money weekly.

Examples of things to not spend on

  • Have a no-spend on snacks/fast food: Shawarma, pizza, cakes meat pie etc

  • Have a no-spend on desserts: Ice cream, milkshakes, yoghurt etc

  • Have a no-spend on alcohol or soft drinks (your liver will thank you)

  • Have a no-spend on outfits( you know yourself)

  • Have a no-spend on data (watching TikTok is not do or die)

Why you need a no-spend challenge

You need a no-spend challenge because you are not great with money, you need to save more money, you have a financial goal and you want to be more in control of your money. But if all the above are great for you then forget about the challenge.

But if this challenge is definitely what you need at the moment for all the reasons mentioned above and some not mentioned. Please leave a comment telling us what type of challenge you want to try. 

Pin on how to do a no-spend challenge in Nigeria. Get the best finance tips for Nigeria on my Nigerian voice.


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