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5 Affordable Ways to Live a Healthy Life in Nigeria

There is this misconception that to live a healthy life in Nigeria you must have lots of money. However, that is wrong. In a country like ours if you don't take care of yourself you would die before your time because our health system will fail you. Don't die before you make that money. Live healthily while making the money and trying to live your Nigerian dream. The idea is to take care of yourself without spending much and avoid going to the hospital except for yearly checkups. Today you will know 5 affordable ways to live a healthy life in Nigeria with your minimum wage. 1 Drinking lots of water Water is one of the most important things we need to consume every day and yet, we don't take it seriously. Not only is it cheap but now we have an abundance of it in Nigeria for now. So why are you not taking the one thing that could boost your immune and protect you from a lot of sicknesses? The best result in taking water is consuming 3 litres every day. Make it

How to Start and Monetize a Free Blog in Nigeria

Blogging has been a trending make money online way in Nigeria and in other parts of the world for quite some time now. Lately, I have been getting messages from new bloggers asking me how to go about it. Before I show you how to own a successful blog, I'll like to tell you what blogging all is about and how to do it in Nigeria. What blogging is and is not. 1.     Blogging is not a make money quick scheme. However, if you go about it the right way, you can start seeing some money soon. 2.     Running a blog can be very expensive if you don't know the things you should focus on. However, in this post today I will be showing you how to blog cheap. 3.     A blog needs your time and attention too. 4.     There are so many ways to make money from a blog be it free or paid. 5.     Yes, blogging is a source of passive income. However, this doesn't happen overnight. You must be deliberate in planning that. 6.     starting a blog is very easy, running and growing

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Saving Money in Nigeria: Reasons You Need a Saving App

Saving money is a little bit different in Nigeria because of many money factors. I mean the concept of saving money is the same you keep some percentage of your income aside every month to save for rainy days or to have emergency funds. however, to save money effectively as a Nigerian you have to save money the Nigerian way. one thing is for sure saving money is a piece of advice we hear all the time and trust me it is the best personal finance advice you can ever receive. but the truth is saving money is not that easy I mean let's tell ourselves the truth. Especially if you are on a low income and the fact is the majority of the people who want to save money because they understand its importance are low-income earners. whether we like it or not this is a money factor that makes saving money difficult and different in Nigeria.  However, the good news is this, if you want to save money you can save money whether your income is low or you have an inconsistent income you can still sa

6 Famous Street Food Found in Every Part of Nigeria

Street food in Nigeria symbolises many things, but the number one is diverse culture. Every part of Nigeria has unique street food common to its people. Don't forget Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups. Hence, it is not surprising that we have a lot of local food only found in certain places. However, there are street foods so popular in the country that you can find them in every region.  There is something about street food that makes a place unique and exciting. Just like lights, food on the street brightens the street with liveliness. I personally look forward to street food when travelling than fine dining. And I am sure that at this table I'm not alone. Another fun thing about street food in Nigeria is that it gets people in a community to bond. Why is that so? It is so because you see a group of total strangers, friends and family sitting at an open place eating together. Hence, let's see the street food that bonds Nigerians together all over. 6 Nigerian Food on the S

Financial Literacy Concepts and Terms not Popular in Nigeria

  Photo credit Unsplash With the increase in the number of individuals wanting to be more money conscious and financially savvy. It is not surprising that Financial literacy is becoming a sought after knowledge in Nigeria. Everyone wants to understand what money management is all about and how it can help them grow their wealth. For a fact, financial education is the key to wealth and every Nigerian that I know would want to learn anything that will bring them more money. So today we will be looking at some financial literacy terms everyone should be familiar with and financial literacy concepts we can practice. Financial Literacy Terms Known In Nigeria Financial terms are not different in Nigeria compared to the rest world. These terms mean the same thing any day, any time and anywhere. So let’s know them and include them in our vocabulary.  Asset  An asset is any resource that holds value. It keeps appreciating and rarely depreciate as time goes on. In other words, assets contain a v