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Should a Young Couple give Marriage Counseling In Nigeria?

should a young couple give marriage counseling?

Some weeks back, I saw a young Nigerian couple drop a helpful marriage tip and their WhatsApp number for counseling.
When I say a young couple, I don't mean five years in marriage couple. I am talking about a few months old husband and wife.
Hence, I ask this question,

Should a Young Couple give Marriage counseling?

I am very okay with young couples giving advice to singles. I love to hear their success story relationship-wise. When they give tips on what should be done when finding the right person, it makes a lot of sense to me, because they have been there.

Then I wonder what exactly are they going to be telling other couples? Are they going to counsel those they are a few months older than in marriage? or who?

I believe the best marriage counseling comes from years of experience. From couples who have experienced it all. Starting from pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, conflicts management with in-laws, financial ups and downs and all the troubles which come with marriage.

However, these younger couples are still over the moon. I mean first house rent is yet to expire, no baby on the way yet, relatives are still giving them small-time before demands will start flowing in and it's just the two of them responsibilities are still less.

Hence, they are disqualified as marriage counselors.

Young Couples should not give Marriage Counseling.

They should stick to mentoring singles finding a partner or already in a relationship hoping to get married soon. Any marriage advice they will give is half baked.

Come to think of it, what's the rush for? If you have a calling to counsel that's good but be careful in selecting the right aspect so you can function well. Left to me five years old couples are still not matured enough. Ten years is okay but if I was the one needing marriage advice I will go to the much older ones.

In the end, this is just my opinion, what's your opinion?

Drop a comment let the discussion begin!


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