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How to Start and Monetize a Free Blog in Nigeria

Blogging has been a trending make money online way in Nigeria and in other parts of the world for quite some time now. Lately, I have been getting messages from new bloggers asking me how to go about it. Before I show you how to own a successful blog, I'll like to tell you what blogging all is about and how to do it in Nigeria.

What blogging is and is not.

1.    Blogging is not a make money quick scheme. However, if you go about it the right way, you can start seeing some money soon.
2.    Running a blog can be very expensive if you don't know the things you should focus on. However, in this post today I will be showing you how to blog cheap.
3.    A blog needs your time and attention too.
4.    There are so many ways to make money from a blog be it free or paid.
5.    Yes, blogging is a source of passive income. However, this doesn't happen overnight. You must be deliberate in planning that.
6.    starting a blog is very easy, running and growing it is not easy no one should tell you otherwise. You will see how in a few minutes we will create a brand-new blog. Then you will see how it will take you months to grow it.

What you need to start Blogging

A computer and internet connection.

Before you Create your Blog do the following:

You might want to get a book and write the following down.
1.    Choose a niche. This is basically what you will be writing about. If you want to blog about lifestyle, try narrowing it down because it is broad.
2.    Make a list of 5 topics you would want to write about.
3.    Be clear on who you want to be in your audience. It shapes what you write and how you write it.

How to create a WordPress free Blog

Even though you will be creating a free blog one of the ways to look professional is by getting a domain name. With as low as 3000 naira you can get a .com domain name with QServers Web Hosting. Like my main blog. However, with 1000 naira you can get like on this free blog with blogger. The best part is this, the payment is for a whole year.
Creating a free hosted blog is easy and can be done in 5 minutes. I will teach you how to create one with WordPress.
Go to

Click on Start your website
Enter your name, email address and password on the next page to create an account.
On the next page enter name of your blog see below

If you already own a domain click on “already own a domain?”
Click on start with a free plan. See where the arrow is pointing below.

Your blog is almost ready on the next page you will see it showing private.

Work on the setup and create your first blog post then click publish. Immediately your blog comes to life.
WordPress free sites are not easy to monetize, they want you to upgrade before you can place adverts. Plugins are essential in the functionality of a WordPress blog, but you don’t get access to them on a free site. Your best bet for making money on WordPress is affiliate marketing.

How to create a Blog on Blogger

This blog is the easiest I have ever created. Blogger makes it so simple for everyone to create a blog. As a matter of fact, you need no experience.
If you don’t have an existing Google account create one here
Login into Blogger. Click on “Create your Blog”

On the next page choose the account you want to create the blog in.
Enter blog title and address, select a theme and click “create a blog”

Your blog is done and ready for you to create a new post.
To further customize your blog, click on “theme” on the menu by the left. See the image below.

What next?

Now that your blog is up and running, what is next? This is where the work begins. From creating content to growing your traffic and monetizing your blog.

Create your Content and Promote them.

The first thing you should know is that ranking on Google is not a day’s job. Hence, organic traffic shouldn't be your worry for now as a new blogger. Instead, promoting your blog post should be a priority.
I keep getting asked about SEO. It simply means Search Engine Optimization. Meaning you have to make sure you create a post that is search engine friendly. Which meets up to the criteria for search engines.

When done create your original and quality post and hit the publish button. The next thing to do is to promote your content everywhere.
Read An Easy Blueprint to Owning a Successful Blog, to learn more about how to create quality content and the most effective way to promote your post.

How to Monetize your Free Blog: Best Practices in Nigeria

This is the part I know you are waiting for and it is the reason I got more excited about blogging. However, without the latter, you can achieve monetizing your blog. Why? because without good content people might not buy from you and without promotion your good content might not be seen. I hope you understand this

To look more professional and serious get a .com domain name with QServers web hosting, they are the best I know with very prompt support. Moving on...

4 Ways to Monetizing your Free Blog.

There are so many ways to monetize a blog just to be clear. However, you are running a free blog which makes it limited. Hence, I will be teaching you the four easy ones that your blog is not limited to.

1. Advertising:

It is the most common way to monetize a blog. How do you earn money using advertisements?
1.    Grow your traffic to a reasonable amount.
2.    Apply to Ad Networks, when approved
3.    Place the HTML code given to you in strategic places.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product other than yours on your blog and if anyone makes a purchase you get a commission. This commission varies but I tell you it is the gold mine of blogging.
How do you make money with affiliate marketing?
1.    Find affiliate programs or networks and signup
2.    Search for products that suit your audience and promote.
3.    When purchases are made you get some commissions.
4.    You cash out ;)
The most effective way of making money with affiliate marketing is building an email list and you can learn how HERE.

3. Product Sales:

You can start a blog to promote your products or services. Do you want your product to reach more people than those in your local region? Then a blog is perfect for your business. Because your services or product will appear on the world wide web. Making it possible for you to reach more people.

4. Sponsored Content:

Is when you get paid to promote content(post) on your blog. sometimes companies might find you, but if they don't due to the flocks of bloggers every day, you find them.
Reach to companies in your niche. Make sure you have high traffic before applying to companies, or you might get declined.

In summary

·   Blogging is not a make money quick scheme.
·   Choose a niche and stick to it.
·   Get a domain name to look professional.
·   Create your free blog.
·   Choose the way you prefer to monetize it.
If you have any questions drop a comment and if you want to get weekly blog growth tips delivered to your inbox signup for my newsletter below or in the sidebar.


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