The Importance of Sex Education in the Home

Importance of Sex Education

Some months back, my youth fellowship, had our Reverend speak to us. He wasn't given a topic so, he picked a topic of his choice. The topic he chose was sexual morality, a very familiar and common topic I would say. However, his approach to this topic wasn't familiar or common and it will be the bases of this topic.

How Sex Education was like when we were children

Don't let a boy touch you, let no man see your panties, if any man should climb on top of you you will get pregnant, or when a boy's urine touches your urine you would become pregnant. And the funny ways of telling us about sex goes on. The thing is at that time it wasn't funny, we took it seriously among ourselves and talked about it. As a matter of fact, we gave solutions to the problem.

For instance, in primary school, in the girl's toilet, we were talking about if a boy's pee should touch your own you would get pregnant, and one of us said but if you immediately spit on it you will not become pregnant. We all agreed and ran back to class. How about a girl who wanted to climb a tree then remembered her mum said no one should see her panties. She took it off and climbed the tree. We can imagine the rest of the story.

I bet we can relate to what I am saying about sex education in our homes while growing. Mine is a girl's side of the teaching, I wonder what was thought to the boys.


The Dangers of wrong Sex Education

The number one for me is this, that many children have been sexually abused without knowing and so couldn't tell. Parents need to know that there are a lot of paedophiles out there, and most cases of child sex abuse are done by close relatives.

Please tell them what is inappropriate according to there ages and understanding. Tell them where uncle and antie shouldn't touch them even when it comes to playing. Also, tell them to refuse and report when an older friend asks them to do something inappropriate. If only you knew the kinds of things children do for adults without knowing is wrong.

Children and teenagers have been tricked into having sex. Someone was smart to tell them the opposite of what they were told.

I once watched a reality TV show, where a 15-year-old girl got pregnant and didn't know. Her father rushed her to a hospital, thinking she was having a stomachache, not knowing she is in labour. When the nurse told the girl, she is pregnant and in labour, the girl said, it's not possible. Why? because her boyfriend's brother told them she can't get pregnant when having sex while standing.

Here we have a girl pregnant without knowing because of wrong sex education.

Educate your children properly.

Do this according to their ages and levels of understanding. Tell them the basic thing they need to know. You are not going to be explaining the act of sex to them but educating them on it. Talk about things like:

  • ·     physical body development. Tell them the changes that are normal so they don't feel bad about themselves. 
  •     letting your girl child know she is beautiful from day one so no ones deceive her with such cheap words in the future.
  • ·     the right way to interact with the opposite sex
  • ·     how the jellies and butterflies they feel in their stomach when they sit next to a boy/girl are normal.
  • ·     the things that come with sex (STDs)
Don't tell your teenagers sex is dirty, that's not how they are hearing it out there. Their peer groups won't shut up about it, and it's everywhere on TV. Therefore, tell them the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of it. As a matter of fact, it was created by God, so it is beautiful. Tell them what makes it dirty and in what context it is ok.
Abstinence is the only way to stay free from every sex-related problems, make sure you let them know.
When children are properly educated on issues like this, it makes them streetwise.

Why is pregnancy the only thing wrong about sex? It turns out that's the only thing parents caution their children about. It is not a disease in the first place, and it won't kill them. So, how about telling them the things that could kill them. There are life-threatening sexual diseases that should be number one on the list. In this country abortion is illegal, so any practice is Kwak. So, that option is life-threatening, and they should never consider it.
You will be doing them better than harm by telling them the right things they need to know about sex. All they get out there is wrong and the consequences of the choices they make are omitted out of the gist.

Importance of Sex Education

Hence the importance of sex education is these:
·     children know when violated even from a tender age
·     They understand that the changes in their body are normal
·     knowing the dangers of sex and why they should abstain
·     abortion should never be an option.
·     proper knowledge of what sex is all about
·     more streetwise than their peers.
I hope parents and future parents find this helpful. Drop a comment with your opinion to add more value to this content and share if you found it useful.


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